i am so sick why

so come back, i am waiting
black sheep boy, sing me to sleep.

whenever i listen to okkervil river i feel like it’s my life or something
and i feel sad but beautiful and happy
it’s happening right now. good memory music yanno.


without Chase Elliot i’d be pretty lonely.

it eats at me. this nighttime. leave me be and let me sleep. if i won’t see you in the morning, why must you insist on spending the night in my head. i need to rest. but i don’t regret a thought i have.

A man tells his stories so many times that he becomes the stories. They live on after him, and in that way he becomes immortal.

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i found pebbles in my pocket as i reached for cigarettes.

i bought these waterproof bandages to cover a bursted burn, once a balloon on the base of my thumb. it’s fine mostly,but salt still sneaks in creases and last time i washed my hair, it fell down the drain. at night i let it breathe and dry. soon the scar tissue will creep and pull as it bends. and as they remember where they’ve been, my hands will be new again.


i wanna have sex
and i want a frozen coffee
and i want new shoes
but i’m just gonna lay on my couch and smoke weed

my phone is screwed up and whenever it doesn’t work i am always so worried that everyone will just think i am ignored by them for not replying.

hah what am i kidding. no one texts me except my mom and my boss.

juice boxes 4 ever.
perfect amount of fruity delicious thirst quench.

anyways yes sort of related to my last post about people who love burgers. someone comments this to a question on the restaurant’s facebook page asking your favourite burger:

"Dedicated gluten free burger I don’t cross contamination is not guaranteed in kitchen prep area and the onion tower with that tummy maple milkshake and lots of bacon in my burger . I

lol humans

so tomorrow at the WORKS we are selling eight ounce burgers with a side for 5 dollars if you are dining in! upgrades are still extra, but apps and drinks are regular price. that is at all locations, not just the restaurant i work at.

a little bit of advertising there, but i am actually excited. it will be a fun day. i originally thought that because the entrees are so cheap, we would sell more apps, especially with the tent cards on the tables highlighting them, but that probably won’t be the case. i feel like because of our location we are just going to draw in reallllllly cheap people who will probably undertip the servers that will be working their butts off all day waiting on them.
the burgers cost good at regular price, so i don’t think that people who frequent our restaurant will be eager to come in tomorrow. they will want to avoid how busy it will most likely be. then again, it’s so weird (but i shouldn’t be surprised) some people are just crazy about burgers.
they just love burgers.
so they might not be cheap. they’ll wait. our kitchen is quick, still. but not because the meal is five dollars, just because burgerheads are real.

i thought it was a myth.
the burgerhead. a population of people obsessed with burgers. the meat. the cheese. the sauce. the layering. any combinations of things as to why they love burgers. some love any burger. from fresh pressed no filler to frozen microwaved cow extras. and some spit on mcdonalds. still, they love burgers. it’s weird. but not really. everyone has their thing.

if your body burns
from the inside
out when you think
about someone,
you should probably
listen to it
take advantage
of what you’re saving
on hydro
and all that running
around trying to get warm
not just let it simmer.

you won’t evaporate.

Iron and WineOn Your Wings

how we rise when we’re born
like the ravens in the corn
on their wings, on our knees
crawling careless from the sea
god, give us love in the time that we have